Day trip to the Panorama Mountain (1,780 hm)

In my opinion, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a relaxing place and always worth a trip. I will keep writing about this beautiful place and its surroundings. You can really make a lot of stuff here. If you don’t have that much time, like for example only a weekend, there are many smaller tours.


I had very little time on that weekend – arrived on Friday and left Sunday. However, I wanted to use the time to get on a small mountain, I decided for the Mount Wank.

Those who are not so good on foot can go up and down with the Wankbahn. If you want to do only half of the ascent, you can get off at the middle station and start the climb from there. At this point, I would like to mention that I prefer to go to mountains on which there is no cable railway, because at the summit they are is not that much traffic.

Or as you say so nicely: “There are no sneaker tourists.“ 😉

For all those who, for various reasons, can’t make the way on foot, the cable railway offers a great opportunity to enjoy the view anyway. I grant it to everyone!

But if you have the right shoes and equipment, you can start the ascent. Even if some locals, without backpack and water, are rushing towards the beer on the summit, I advise everyone to take enough water with you. When the sun is shining, the ascent can become very tiring for untrained. For some, this ascent is some kind of morning exercise, for others it is exhausting. So please stay realist. 😊

There are different routes or different ways to climb the mountain. PSX_20171220_202240At the end, it depends on your own preferences and on your condition. There are broad, established trails, which are not so demanding. Alternatively, you can also take smaller, zig-zag paths. But these are a little steeper. It is like with every ascent – you should inform yourself about the duration and difficulty of the ascent. However, there are no unexpected climbing passages or via ferrata.

I have chosen a route with a length of about 6.3 kilometers to the summit and around 1000 height meters.

PSX_20171220_202759Close to the pilgrimage church of St. Anton, I started the ascend. From there I past the Schalmeischlucht, where you can see a small waterfall. The first step was the “Gamshütte”. This mountain hut does not exist anymore, since it burned down in 2015. Meanwhile they are building a new one which is getting a new name. The view from there is already a great foretaste of what will wait for you at the summit.



From there it went further up – I heard cowbells rang and suddenly I stood on a huge alpine pasture.


Freewheeling cows where taking a sunbath. The small cottage here is called “Eckenhütte“. The panorama, which you can enjoy, invites to take a break. Those who do not want to take a break here should at least stop and enjoy the nature and the view.


From now on, it is getting a little steeper. However, there are always benches where you can pause. At about 1400 height meters you cross the Mitterhüttengraben. Here you can cool down a little before it goes to the last 400 height meters. This should walk according your power reserves, because the last meters of altitude are not to be underestimated.

PSX_20171220_204346It is worth mentioning that there can always be traffic in the form of hikers or mountain bikers. Especially the bikers should consider each other in order to avoid a small accident. 😊

After the last 400 meters and again some photos, I was at the summit. Here I let the soul dangle. The view is amazing. You have a panoramic view of the Ammer, Ester, Karwendel and Wetterstein Mountains including the Alpspitze, Zugspitze and the Waxensteinen. The view of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also very worthwhile.

Those who came up by cable railway, but want to take a little walk, have wonderful possibilities to use the almost uphill paths on the plateau. At “Wankhaus”, you can of course strengthen yourself with Bavarian specialties, as well as one or another cool drink.

With the beautiful view, however, it was over quite soon, because a thunderstorm raised. The “Wankbahn” stopped driving up and down and everyone needed to stay there for a while. On this high, the experience of such a huge thunderstorm is quite different then in the city. The lightning bolts were not even 100 meters away.

But as fast as this thunderstorm came, it was gone again. So I enjoyed the panorama view again before I started the descent. I mostly took the path that I had come up.


Just before the “Eckenhütte“, I turned to the middle station, past the sheep’s head. My goal was the Mountain Inn Panorama. It was time to try some Bavarian specialties and enjoy the sun again.


In summary, I can recommend the Mount Wank to everyone, whether he wants to hike or rather take the “Wankbahn” and take walk on the summit. The paths are really good and while you are walking, you have all the time an awesome panorama view. This is why it is called the Panorama Mountain.

Take care

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